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Photo: Another portfolio of mine in a Burgundy vineyard; credit JUA.

Jill U Adams
Science Writer 

Writing Portfolio

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LA Times    “In breast cancer treatment, less is more”                  21 Feb 2011
                    “With children’s food allergies, thoroughness is key”    27 Dec 2010
                    “How Ecstasy harms”                                                12 July 2010
                    “Pesticides in strawberry fields”                                  28 Jun 2010

WebMD       “Diabetes symptoms to never ignore”                          3 Jun 2010

Lifescript     “A girlfriend’s guide to acid reflux”                            17 Jan 2010

Nature Education   Online textbook “Essential of Cell Biology”         Fall 2010

Discover      “World’s first trees unearthed”                                January 2008

Washington Post    “Back in the air, free to be me”                   26 Aug 2008

           “Tracking invasive plant species”                              11 Jul 2008

Nature          “Training helps people forget some fearful memories”  7 Jan 2010
                      “‘Magnetricity’ sees monopoles flowing”                    15 Oct 2009
                      “A route to postdoc diversity”                                  11 Jun 2008

Nat. Biotechnology  “Point-of-care diagnostics”                     slated for 2011
                                   “New relief for gout”                                     April 2009
Nat. Rev. Drug Disc  “Building the bridge from bench to bedside”  June 2008

Science        “Focus on Europe: Research by the numbers”             11 Jul 2008
                     “Nurturing women scientists”                                     8 Feb 2008
Parenting     “Math + Preschoolers = Fun”                              November 2008

Scholastic    “Mommy, Tell me a story!”                                     28 Sep 2007